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The Art & History Museum is One of the World’s Major Institute.

Founded in 1965 as an educational institution based in london, The Art & History Museum is committed to producing distinctive exhibitions and public programming on contemporary Japanese and Asian art.

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The Art Institute of Canada collects, preserves, andinterprets works of art of the highes quality, representing the world’s duverse artistic traditions for the inspirantion.


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Fantastiche creature

Fantastiche creature di Sem Galimberti Zanichelli estate 95, rivista di cultura&spettacolo Per più di vent’anni, dall’ultima mostra alla galleria La Torre,

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La Materia Fecondata

Ricordo dell’artista Franco Daverio, morto il 22 Ottobre scorso. Bergamo conserva una delle testimonianze più preziose dello scultore di Erba: la

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